It can be a broad field, from hands on tube bending and installation to sitting at a computer all day staring at code.  We help you out by taking care of problems such as steam trace repairs, changing gaskets on regulators, inspections, process monitoring of field devices, sample gathering, testing of actuators and valves, and troubleshooting PLC and other computer based equipment.

e-MCi has traditionally worked in the holiday and coverage capacity for various plants around the area, as our core work is electrical and millwright scope, but if you have a small instrument project to complete e-MCi can help.  Tubing, regulators, actuators – no problems, modifying your process controls for pressure vessels – wrong company.  Like I have mentioned in other parts of this site, we only execute work we deem within our experience level.  So please call us if you need help with your instrumentation and let’s talk about your needs to determine if we can work together, or, find a service provider who can help you.