There are many types of pricing options available for your project, which e-MCi provides.  Each has pros and cons for both the owner of the project and us.  We can determine the best pricing model with a quick conversation over the phone or on site as we do it daily.  In most cases we provide pricing free of charge.  The various models are as follows:

Quotes:  These are lump sum prices which are based on a very specific scope of work, as usually electrical drawings are provided to us with details like location, and specifications.  Although we are locked into a price, any variation during the project will be considered an ‘extra’ and a change order must be generated to track the extra time and materials as well as authorization to complete the works.   Quotes are exact.

Estimates:  In order to allow flexibility, an estimate can be provided with an approximate price based on time and material invoices.  The main benefit of this type of price is the ability of the general contractor to add and delete scope without the need of a change order or authorization.  This can be beneficial for projects such as renovations or retrofits where the scope needed to complete the work is undefined with many unknown variables.  Estimates are approximate.

Budget Price:  If you’re just getting your project going and need an order of magnitude price to determine if the project can even be completed, or need some sort of price to determine the overall price in the concept phases, the budget price is the best option.  This is usually provided over the phone with a short conversation about the type of project and very general details available.  Budgets are guesses.

Contracts:  An extension of the quotation process is the many options of contracts from a handshake to sanctioned CCDC Contracts and ACA Forms.  If you’re unfamiliar with these check them out here. But the common types for us are a CCDC 2 – Stipulated Price, and CCDC 3 – Cost Plus, the ACA Form A – Agreement Between a Contractor and Sub-Contractor, and the Form C Sup 2 – Substantial Completion of Sub-Contractor.

Master Agreements:  In order to keep your approved contractor process simple and cost effective, many companies engage in Master Service Agreements.  Corporations pre-approve the contractors beforehand to ensure safety policies, financial resources, and man power meet the requirements of the companies needs.  Once engaged in an agreement the project managers can call us at any time to execute works without qualifying us first.

Maintenance Agreements:  Similar to Master Agreements, companies engage in an agreement to have us provide manpower on site to complete the maintenance needs of the plant or facility.  This often involves full time e-MCi employees working on site as pseudo employees of the company we are working for and generally considered part of the team and long term.

Design Build:  e-MCi does a lot of design build projects.  You give us a loose scope and we design the controls, infrastructure, cabling, and commissioning.  In most cases we complete works without dealing with contracts or general contractors and work directly for the owner of the facility.  In this way it is more cost effective, quicker, and less formal.  If this is how you roll, give us a call to discuss your project.