Information technology is a large and ever changing field that e-MCi stays abreast of as our internal infrastructure must be maintained as well as that of our clients.  Data cabling, security camera, routers, switches, racks, software updates, and everything in between can be executed by us.  As Gerry Lamarche has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Alberta, his main roll is the technology side while the rest of team focuses on installation and nuts and bolt issues.

Programmable logic controls have been around for a long time, and not much has changed with installation of the hardware and cabling.  We have a complete knowledge of how to install cabinets, hardware, interconnections, and commissioning that is needed to complete your project.  A list of completed works is detailed below.

Conversely, the software to drive the PLC’s has changed as well as the computer and network systems required to program and update them.  This is a constant struggle to every service company, but at e-MCi we focus on bringing a team together to address this issue.  At some point it’s beneficial to bring in outside help, those that specialize in a certain brand or process rather than taking up valuable extra time to find your solution.  In this capacity we rely on a number of dedicate sub-contractors that are highly skilled to execute the work.


Some of the things we have worked on are below.

  • Ladder Logic Additions
  • Security system Hardware Installation Including Cameras
  • Telephone Troubleshooting and Installation
  • VOIP Installations and Programming
  • Network System Setups and Commission
  • Bridge and Access Point Installations and Commission
  • Router Setup and Switch Installation
  • PLC Battery Replacement
  • Data and Software Backups
  • CPU Upgrades and Server Maintenance
  • Computer Updates and Server Customization
  • Hard drive Replacements and Upgrades
  • Monitor Troubleshooting and Installation
  • Website Design and Coding
  • Languages: C++, HTML, CSS, Java Script, ProLogic, Basic, Liquid, Fortran
  • And still learning……