In most cases e-MCi buys the parts that are needed to fix your problem or complete your project, but it is also very common for us to source and purchase all sorts of things that you may need.  We bid on many tenders for supply only, to institutions and corporations from around Canada in many disciplines.  We can get you a price on equipment, parts, or supplies in most cases with just a phone call, but sometimes we need to use email to make sure specifications are correct.

One example is in the photo above, we purchased it for our client so he could get it on the job site when he needed it, not after.

If you have purchased before, you’ll appreciate the time and energy to find a supplier, get a quote, determine delivery, setup shipping, make payment arrangements and then deal with customs, duty and currency exchanges. Then, oops, you don’t have an account.   e-MCi takes all this work off your shoulders and gets you your parts.  Interested in knowing more?  Call us.