At e-MCi we believe that safety is the single most important element of performing work in todays market.  Due to our projects and services taking part on a large number of clients facilities, we need to adapt to each clients requirements as well as our own.  Each site brings it challenges, and your site will undoubtably bring a learning curve to ensure compliance.

This could include added levels of safety such as Level 5 cut resistant gloves, mandatory double hearing protection, or side impact hard hats.  That’s why the site orientation process is extremely valuable when we engage in works with new clients and we take it to heart to get our crews up to speed.

In our industry, especially in the Industrial Heartland, the contractors safety record is reflected on the facility owner.  Just imagine if we had a serious incident – it could have your site shut down pending an investigation causing huge financial losses and waisted manpower.  That’s why we ensure permits, JLA’s, JHA’s and other necessary documents are completed in full and followed as required.

We have a comprehensive internal safety manual, quality control document library, and corporate policies and guidelines in order to meet all the challenges each project brings.  Of course this in addition to legislation such as WCB and COR, government permitting, and insurance compliance.

Our clients include plants with some of the toughest safety standard in the world and we meet them everyday as a requirement, not as an option.  In the end, following the safety protocols of your plant is in both our best interests, even if it takes a little longer or costs a few bucks more.

Safety brings wealth in health!

Gerry Lamarche