This page details tools and resources for you, our client, to help manage your account with e-MCi

Payments: We take almost every form of payment from crypto-currency (bitcoin) to cheques and everything in-between.  Just give us a call to make arrangements.

Invoices:  Our invoices can be mailed, emailed, hand delivered or drone dropped!  Let us know if you have specific requirements such as CC’d invoices to Head Offices.

Receivables:  Everyone gets net 30 day terms, but we understand business cycles and can make all sorts of arrangements such as partial payments, deferred payments, and/or financial loans.

Suppliers:  Just like e-MCi, we expect that all suppliers use net 30 days, but understand if conditions such as cash accounts are needed.  If your terms change send us an email so we can adjust as necessary.

Statements:  These can be requested on demand as we typically only send them if an invoice was missed in the payment cycle.

Online Resources:  We have dedicated client specific webpages we we can post photo’s, video’s or other relevant documents.