Even before you hang up the phone, you’re yelling at the guys to get suited up.  The men start the service vehicle, ensure their safety gear is all accounted for and wait for instructions at the work bench.

The Maintenance Supervisor comes over and describes the problem, lets them know if pre-existing condition was involved, and provides a location.  He then says ‘Saddle Up!”

The men head out to the plant location, while the supervisor gets back on the phone and instructs the operations unit to start the work order so he can get parts if needed and also to start a permit and lockout procedure to ensure the equipment is ready when the crew arrives.

A notification email is sent to all parties from a pre-made contact list and instructs all parties that ‘No News is Good News’, this means only a reply to the notification means an issue is present.

Crew calls back and says they need a seal, which isn’t in the system.  The supervisor first calls a courier to go to their seal supplier and await further instructions.  Then he calls the supplier to order and pay for the part.  The courier is already en-route to the supplier even as they are packaging the product for shipping.

With the parts on their way back, it gives the crew time to review any issues that may have become apparent.

The part is delivered directly to the crew whom then installs and commissions the pump.

Crisis is averted, and the plant keeps running!