Do you have broken lab equipment that needs repairs and no budget to replace with new?  From door hinges to power supplies to buttons and circuit boards, e-MCi can repair your lab gear.  Equipment from all over Canada is sent to us for repairs as our diverse experience provides the skill set needed as we not only have skilled tradesman but medically trained personnel, electronic repair techs, and research lab technicians.

We typically use UPS as our method of shipping and focus on equipment that weights less than 100 pounds.

Call Gerry Lamarche (ext 213) or Brendon Lamarche if you have questions at 780-579-1006  at ext 218.

As a side note, time to diagnostic and troubleshooting your equipment is chargeable and can be five minutes to four hours depending on the issues.  With that said, not all equipment is repairable or the repairs become cost prohibitive and in these cases the time spent will be fully invoiced.