We are in a new world these days with the implications of COVID19, both in business and personal lives. I have noticed some major changes that are both good and the bad within the community.

The Good:

People of all ages out and about the streets of Lamont is at an all time high. From kids going to the candy store, to seniors doing their daily shopping, everyone seems to be busy and enjoying the nice weather (early October).

The cars parking along the walking trails in Fort Saskatchewan are clogging the street as people and families are out exploring the river valley. I see more and more of people walking their dogs and cycling the trails.

The Bad:

Businesses really seem to be struggling from reducing occupancy in restaurants to making people stand outside to wait to increased operating costs of cleaning procedures, its clear that business models will have to change for the long term.

Unemployment seems to be very high with many people scrambling for work. Mostly I have found that under-employment is the biggest issue, with experienced tradesman working as labourers and professionals scrambling for clerk jobs.

The Ugly:

Some people have not worked since the whole COVID19 started and if it wasn’t for the CERB and extended unemplymnet benifits, they would be living in their car.

Of course those susceptible to disease are even more profoundly effected with self-quarantine and social hiding. As the lockdowns ended we see more individually out and about walking and other non-contact activities.

Those are my observations for October 2020. Let all hope for a better 2021!


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