A radical new concept of pure reactionary plant maintenance. It symbolizes that production is number one (after safety) in terms of operations and aims to forgo the many layers of management that can get in the way, and counter-intuitively save you money, time, and production losses. A firefighting guide to maintenance.

Case Example:  The operator calls and says;

The pump is down!  We don’t know what happened but its causing the plant to be down! We need this fixed now, before the tank overflows!

So we are going to make lots of assumptions and tell a fictional story of how financial losses can be mitigated by using the ‘Maintenance Militia’ system. Perhaps when you where a child (before video games) you encountered a book series where a decision was needed after reading each page and based on your decision it would take you to different page somewhere else in the book.  You flip back and forth in the book reading and making decisions and of course with multiple endings sometimes you died in the story and you would start again with different decisions trying to save the day.  Remember Choose Your Own Adventure!   This example will follow a similar theme, a blog version of a video game.

Lets start:

You answer the phone, listen to the issue and say

  1. Sorry I need a work order in the system before I can send a guy.
  2. I’ll dispatch a millwright RIGHT NOW!
  3. It’ll have to wait as everyone’s in a meeting right now.

Just Say IT!