Its been a busy month at e-MCi’s Head Office, as we have been updating and integrating our websites and client communication systems.  In past we had been strictly a cheque payment driven business, but at technology improves and generations adapt e-MCi needs to keep pace.  We have never accepted credit cards in part because of the service fees but also because of increased IT infrastructure and costs, an extra piece of hardware lying around and the biggest – transaction fee’s!  When large invoices are involved the transaction fees start to bite so we never offered the option – until now.

But we went even further and decided to embrace ALL current payment systems that available to us.  Not limiting ourselves to credit cards and cheques we found literally thousands of payment options and down the rabbit hole we went.  Here’s one I just found the other day – Russian conversions

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 3.32.21 PM
Russian WebMoney


Most of us have heard about Bitcoin, but how about 700 and counting other crypto currencies?  Litecoin?  Dogcoin?  I still don’t have my head wrapped around the changing payment systems that are taking place all around us, but we are trying.

That’s were Honest Jane’s and Honest John’s Clothing (HJCS’s) comes in.  We have already set up over a thousand payment options for our clothing store in Waskatenau to literally take every form of payment in the world!  Now its outdated as even more have become available.

Our Solution:  Offer the same payment systems for both e-MCi and HJC’s

The reason you’ll see our rentals and surplus on the HJC’s Online Shopping Website is for this very reason, the integration of payment systems across both corporations.  Now you can pay your e-MCi invoice on our HJC’s Website and choose between the many payment options which includes credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and e-Transfers.  This list will undoubtedly grow over time but whatever the current fad is, both corporation will accept the same types.  Just a note that payment by cheque through the mail is still our preferred method for e-MCi.

Downside: As part of these payments systems there are added costs which make for a substantial loss to e-MCi such as 3% fees for credit cards, 4% fees for PayPal and so on.  We have never included these fees in our rates or pricing to date because cheques don’t include these fees.  Therefore e-MCi has had to change our policy and add these fees into the invoices as a separate line item so you know how much we have to pay out to make the transaction.  I repeat for clarity that payments by cheque will not have these charges on the invoice as credit card use for us is still minor, perhaps in the future we will build in the fees and give a credit for payers with cheques, but not at this time.

Your invoice will come in the mail (or email based on preference) and look the same without any extra fees built in, UNLESS you request a credit card payment at which time we will update the invoice with the transaction fees for your preferred method.

Clients that choose these alternative payment methods will then have there invoice posted on our HJC’s online shopping website were they can login, locate their invoice, add it their cart, proceed to checkout and then select from the many credit card options.  These include Master Card, Visa, Discovery, and American Express.  We have already had two clients use this service and both provided positive feedback as to the simplicity of the process as its almost identical to all modern online sites.  This is why we chose Shopify as our provider, so you would already be familiar with the process from other online shopping experiences.

Our only payment system not tried out by e-MCi is the Bitcoin option – we can hardly wait for our first client to use this method.



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